DIY Wedding Decorations

CMJ, the name my sister (Melissa) and cousin (Justine) and I call ourselves, was reunited this week since Justine visited to help with some wedding prep. I’m not the most creative or artistic, so I’m sooo glad I have her and Melissa to help with wedding decorations and other stuff. Melissa’s going to be designing our invitations, the program, and the escort cards based off of a design I found that I liked. Since I was sick on Monday and then back to work the rest of the week, M and J were extremely helpful in going out to buy supplies and starting to put together various wedding projects I gave them. Tiffany, another bridesmaid, came over with M and J last night and they started putting more things together.

I thought I’d showcase some of what they’ve been doing for anyone else who wants some do-it-yourself wedding ideas (CMJ colors are part of the wedding color scheme).

Make Your Own Pew Decorations: Justine became a ribbon and bow expert when she helped make decorations for her friend’s wedding. She’s now using those skills to create pew decorations for my wedding too. We got black and white ribbon from Hobby Lobby, some sheer white ribbon and ribbon wire to make these bows. If you want instructions on how to make the bows, let me know and I can have Justine send me instructions to post up. I didn’t actually do any of them myself, but it’s fairly easy. Then they bought some silk flowers from Michael’s and used a hot glue gun to glue them to the ribbons. These will be hung on the pews in the church and then connected using white tulle.

We measured 10 feet of ribbon for each bow.

Tiffany folding the ribbon. She's crafty too!


These are the types of flowers we used.


Justine practically made all the bows.

Finished product!

One of each CMJ color

For the getaway…I decided to make dowel rods with purple, blue and pink ribbon attached to them for the wedding party to wave as Gerald and I exit the church to head into the limo for the reception. The rest of our guests will have bubbles, which we ordered from The Knot store. I think this will make for some really nice pictures.

These are pretty easy to make. Melissa and Tiffany did all eight of them in about 15 minutes. You just cut the ribbon and we used a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to the dowel rods.

They glued the ribbons like this.

The finished product!

Very Easter color-ish, but will look nice with the black dresses & tuxes.

Guestbook: I don’t have pictures of it, but Justine was helping me to create our guestbook, which is basically a scrapbook. I bought the scrapbook from Target and got lots of prints of Gerald and me printed from Shutterfly. Melissa and Justine bought some nice paper and are using it and the ribbons to decorate the pages of the scrapbook. We’re going to have all the pages lying out on a table before the ceremony and during the reception so people can sign it. I’m saving some room in it to add some of our engagement pictures too because we’re taking those this weekend. 🙂

My apartment's becoming wedding central

So lots of wedding stuff got done and is underway this week. They also bought a card box and are decorating that with ribbon and tied ribbon to a white wicker flower basket for the flower girl (it’s really an Easter basket). We’ll just have to get some white satin lining to glue in the basket too. It’s exciting though to see all these things start to come together. It makes the wedding more real in a way. I’m looking forward to what the next few months have in store!


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  1. #1 by Maggie on March 18, 2011 - 10:01 am

    I love the bows; they’re gorgeous! Thanks for posting and allowing your friends to share in the wedding planning vicariously.

    • #2 by Christy on March 18, 2011 - 2:10 pm

      Thanks, Maggie. I’m glad you like them! 🙂

  2. #3 by Nikole Hahn on March 18, 2011 - 11:31 am

    That’s pretty creative. I never would have thought about waving ribbon on dowell rods. Can’t wait to see those pictures.

    • #4 by Christy on March 18, 2011 - 2:10 pm

      One of our other friends did this at her wedding too. I’ll definitely post pictures!

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