More Than Enough

One easy cardboard shelter done!

A couple weeks ago, I did the 30 Hour Famine with my youth group at church again. The past couple years when I’ve done the Famine as a leader, I haven’t felt hungry at the end of the 30 hour fast. Part of the point of the Famine is to get a taste of what it feels like to be hungry–like what millions of people feel everyday. So this year I planned to do a longer fast.

I came to the 30 Hour Famine lock-in on Friday night exhausted after having gotten up at 3am for a Royal Wedding viewing party followed by a dentist appointment and then work. I started my fast at 6:30 am after the Royal Wedding and planned to do a 30.5 hour fast hoping to to feel hunger more.

During the 30 Hour Famine, we worshipped in song, did devotionals and had small group discussions. We cleaned and did yard work as part of our Youth for Rent service projects, played games, and built cardboard shelters. Throughout the weekend I felt some slight hunger pangs, but I was never so hungry that I felt like I couldn’t do anything.

By the end of the Famine as we started our worship and sharing time before breaking the fast together, I did some reflection of my own. The recurring theme for me during the Famine weekend was that God is more than enough for each day. I don’t have to worry and I can trust Him because He provides all that I need for each day. So even though I wasn’t hungry at the end of the Famine again, this time I saw it a different way.

Maybe I wasn’t hungry because God was providing for me with what I needed at the time–I needed to be sustained to help

Cleaning up a patio as a service project

lead the Famine activities and to be alert for the lock-in so we could minister to the youth at the same time. Although the 30 Hour Famine is about raising awareness and funds for hunger, often times I find that God teaches us about more than that. Through the sharing time, we saw how God revealed our need to listen to Him, to obey immediately when we hear His call, how much we complain about when we have so much to be grateful for, God’s provision in fundraising and much more that wasn’t even said.

Speaking of fundraising, this year our ambitious goal was $7,500.00. I’m not sure of our exact amount for the year yet, but I do know that we raised at least 58% of it (which is pretty good!). Again this year, I kept feeling skeptical (and still do, honestly) that we’ll reach that goal. I constantly remind myself that nothing is impossible with God. And even if we don’t fully reach our goal, our youth group is able to feed so many kids with the money we raised. $30 feeds one child for a month. We’ve already been provided with more than enough. It’s a blessing to provide children around the world with even a little (a little that they see as more than enough).

How has God showed Himself to be more than enough for you?

A 30 Hour Famine rep came and interviewed our teens!


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