{Review} Not Another Dating Book

As a book publicist, I know how important it is to have a book reviewed as close to the release as possible. Whenever I review books for other people, however, I always seem to fail at reviewing them on time. Renee Fisher‘s latest book, Not Another Dating Book, released in February from Harvest House and I’m excited to share it with you.

Not Another Dating Book (NADB) is a devotional for twenty-somethings (although I think it’s great for teens too) that addresses relevant questions and issues young adults face today, including:

– How do I honor God with my body?

– What’s the deal with online dating?

– Does it matter if my significant other is a Christian?

– Is there only one person out there for me?

– Can God use me in my singleness?

– How should I relate to my ex after a breakup?

– I think there’s more to life than dating–but what?

– What happens if I’ve made mistakes?

These are all great questions and as I read through the devotionals, I remembered asking myself some of those same questions and struggling with these issues when I was single (not too long ago) and while I was dating the man who is now my husband (he was my only boyfriend and I know I’m blessed to be able to say that).

Renee is dubbed “The Devotional Diva” and I love how her devos start out with Scripture, include some personal stories and thoughts, a prayer, and then continue on with more Scripture that you actually have to read in a Bible. I love devotional books, but sometimes I think people (and by this, I include myself) think they can just read one or two verses that are printed in the daily devo book then read the story and that’s it. I like how Renee makes us turn to God’s Word  and then provides questions for us to think through and space to write out our answers. A devotional book should never be a substitute for the Bible. It’s a guide to help us study God’s Word. Renee does just that. She guides us through Scripture and helps us view it in terms of dating relationships.

Each devo also includes a quote from a twenty-something related to dating or relationships, which makes it fun. I also love reading the stories people shared in the “So you think your date was bad?” sections that are sprinkled throughout the book. Some of the scenarios are down right terrible!

As a youth leader, I would recommend this devotional to any of the students in my youth group. Even as I read one of the devos yesterday, a girl in youth group immediately came to mind because the message of the devotional was one I knew she needed to hear. I’ll admit I haven’t read through all the devotionals yet (but devos aren’t meant to be read like regular books), but I’m looking forward to going through the rest of it. I may not be looking for my spouse anymore, but I’m still dating him!

Thanks to Harvest House and to Renee for providing a complimentary copy of Not Another Dating Book for an honest review.

Renee Johnson Fisher is a spirited speaker and writer to twenty-somethings. She graduated from Biola University and worked with nationally known Christian speakers and writers at Outreach Events. She is the author of “Faithbook of Jesus” and “Not Another Dating Book,” releasing February, 2012 with Harvest House Publishers. With her trademark wit and enthusiasm Renee urges young adults to take a closer look at the way they relate to God and others, showing them that every relationship finds its perfect example in Christ. She and her husband Marc live in Escondido, CA where they hope to adopt a dog soon.

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