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My Little Monkey – Halloween 2014

We had quite the exciting Halloween here. For starters, we woke up with a light dusting of SNOW on the ground. It’s too early for snow in my mind. Anyway, this was Jaylen’s first Halloween and I was excited to dress him up even though he had no idea what was going on. I found a monkey costume for $5 at a consignment sale back in August, which was adorable on him. It was a little small on him because it was a 3-6 month size (he’s 10 months old), but it worked because he’s not very big for his age (takes after his mommy). The arms and legs were just a little too short. I also loved that the costume had a belly!

Baby Monkey Costume


Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey

Since we didn’t plan on taking Jaylen trick-or-treating (he can’t eat candy–it’d be more for us–and it was too cold), I needed a place for him to show off his costume. So I brought him to Gerald’s school for part of his class’s Halloween party and the school’s Halloween parade. The students loved meeting Jaylen and several of them came over to play with him. Jaylen seemed to be enjoying them too.

By the time of the parade, it was snowing/mini-hailing outside so they had the parade in the gym instead. Jaylen and I sat to watch (though he was getting more squirmy at this point). A few times he was waving at some of the kids. We enjoyed seeing Daddy and his class as they went by too.

Photo by John Middleton Staff

Photo by John Middleton Staff

I didn’t dress up, but Gerald and the 5th grade team were the seven dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He’s Sleepy. I also have to show Chloe’s costume. I got her this race horse costume on sale from Target.

Race horse pug

That one’s fitting for me since I used to ride. 🙂 I took her for a little walk as trick-or-treating started (and there was practically no one out there) but a few people saw her costume and they seemed to get a kick out of it. I think she’ll just wear this every year. Maybe next year we’ll actually go trick-or-treating with Jaylen and Chloe. We actually didn’t get too many trick-or-treaters this year, but our neighborhood is kind of tucked away by itself so I guess not many people would drive down to trick-or-treat there. Oh well…more candy for us!


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A New Family Member!

“Saving one pug won’t change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one pug.”

Northern Illinois Pug Rescue

Socks (left) meeting Lexie

Socks (left) meeting Lexie

This was a big weekend in the Stroud family. On Friday, Gerald called me and told me his coworker had a friend who was giving away her pug because she couldn’t take care of it and he suggested maybe we take it home. Initially he said the pug was two years old and of course, I was excited about the possibility of having a pug for free. We scheduled a time to visit the pug, Chloe, on Saturday.

My mom and her pug Lexie came to meet Chloe with Gerald and me on Saturday. Gerald’s coworker has a big, male pug named Socks. Lexie loved all the pugs! Chloe’s owner was there and she told us Chloe was actually five years old (later from her old paperwork we found out she’s really six), which made more sense to me from when I saw her picture. She’s very gray and I was sure she was older than two.

To make a long story short, we ended up bringing Chloe home with us. I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure about it, which seems funny coming from such a pug-lover. It sounds bad, but I was a little unsure because of her appearance. She’s a little scraggly and she doesn’t look like the other pugs I’ve owned (breeder pugs from show dog parents). I was also concerned about some of the eye problems she has and if we’d be able to handle any medical bills she might have coming. She’s not very trained and is almost like a puppy even though she’s six years old already.  I even told Gerald that I wasn’t sure if we should keep her.

But Gerald gently reminded me that Chloe is still a pug and she needs a good home. She’s been passed around to a few homes already, possibly a little neglected, and even had puppies at one point in her life. She probably hasn’t even been to the vet in a year or so. Gerald told me it’s like how God chose to love us despite all our ugliness and our faults. Still, God adopted us into His family. Similarly, I need to show Chloe love despite the fact that she isn’t exactly what I pictured when I thought of getting my own pug. After spending more time with Chloe, she is starting to grow on me. My mom sent me the quote at the top of this post from the Northern Illinois

Chloe with her favorite toy

Chloe with her favorite toy

Pug Rescue site late last night and it makes me teary because it’s so true. We will probably have up to 10 years with Chloe if we’re lucky, and although we didn’t get her when she was a puppy, we can give her a new and different life from what she had before. She needs love. She needs to learn what it’s like to be loved by a family. Chloe wasn’t just adopted into Gerald’s and my family, she’s coming into a whole family that loves pugs. My mom and sister are going to help us take care of her (mostly because Gerald and I aren’t home for at least 10 hours a day). So Chloe will be a much-loved pug. Lexie, who is three, will enjoy having a playmate, although Chloe actually plays with toys more than Lexie does!

Although Chloe’s a dog, this adoption was truly challenging me to look beyond outward appearances and to love her in spite of her imperfections. It really is a great picture of God’s love for us. How can I not love this pug? Hopefully we can change Chloe’s life for the better.

So enjoy a few more pictures of our new pug!

She really loves this toy

She really loves this toy

Chloe & Lexie

Chloe & Lexie

Our new family

Our new family

Our floppy-eared pug

Our floppy-eared pug

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Why Pugs?

Lexie with the ball I gave her for her birthday

Yesterday my family celebrated the second birthday of everyone’s favorite family member: Lexie!

For Lexie’s first birthday we had a big Halloween/costume party, but this year was more low-key. We just had a few people over  for dinner and cupcakes. Lexie had no idea it was her birthday or why she got to eat cupcakes today, but I think she loved it. 🙂

People generally think my family is CRAZY when it comes to pugs. Our first pug, Jasmine, lived for 16.5 years. We still miss her, but then we got Lexie 6 months later. The pug void was just too big. I know other people think it’s crazy to celebrate your dog’s birthday or to give your dog Christmas gifts, but really she’s a member of the family. And for those people who think pugs are ugly, let me give you a few reasons why you might consider getting a pug (and I do think some pugs are really ugly, but our family only gets cute ones…and sometimes we say pugs are so ugly they’re cute).

Why a pug?

1. Pugs are perfect-sized companions. Pugs are the largest of the toy breeds, so they’re not so tiny that you’re afraid you’re going to step on them, but they’re not so large that you can’t pick them up when they’re full grown (Which would be an issue when they get old and can barely walk up the stairs. We didn’t have that problem with Jasmine since we could easily lift her.) Pugs are great lap dogs and also won’t take up half your bed (if you let your dog sleep with you)–although Lexie likes to sleep on people’s heads, which is another problem in itself. Also, smaller dogs mean smaller poop & less food to buy.

2. Pugs are great with children. When we got our first pug, I was in second grade, my sister in first, and my brother was a toddler. Needless to say, we were kind of rough with the dog (and there are videos to prove it—like me spinning the dog around through the air while she held on to a frisbee with her teeth & then watching her fly off the frisbee). But we never had a problem with either pug being aggressive toward children (or other dogs). Pugs are so gentle and mild-mannered, which doesn’t make them great guard dogs (though they can be good watch dogs), but it does make them a great family pet. Even when they growl at you (like if you’re trying to take away their toy), we know they won’t actually bite.

3. Pugs are great for the less-active lifestyle. I run a lot, but pugs are

Lexie & me on her 2nd birthday

NOT running dogs. Although, Lexie has actually done a 5k (she did a turkey trot last year) and she was still energized afterwards, so I may be able to run 5ks with her in cooler weather. She’s also still in the puppy stage so she LOVES walks and being outside. I contrast this with Jasmine. Once we were walking back from the park and Jasmine jumped into the empty baby stroller and rode home. In either of these stages though, pugs don’t need nearly as much exercise as other breeds. So if your lifestyle doesn’t really involve taking your dog out on runs or long walks or playing outdoors everyday, then you should consider a pug to fit that lifestyle.

4. Pugs are proof that God has a sense of humor. I read this quote somewhere before, but unfortunately I can’t remember the attribution. It’s true though–I know pugs aren’t the funniest-looking dogs, but they’re up there. Pugs are also a great source of humor. We’ve had so many laughs because of things our pugs have done. Pugs–and all dogs, really–bring so much joy into your life. I can’t imagine life without one. I wish I had a video of all the crazy noises Lexie makes when she gets excited.

I could go on and on with my list, but if you really want to know more about pugs, feel free to leave me a note in the comments below. While I’m not living with a pug right now, Gerald and I do plan on getting one someday (that’s like a requirement to marry anyone in my family…haha). He actually wants to get a black and a fawn pug though. I’ll leave you with a few more photos from Lexie’s birthday to enjoy!

Someone's ready for her cupcake!

Yummy pumpkin flavor

What do you love about your pet (or pug)?

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Happy Birthday, Lexie!

Today’s post is dedicated to my family’s newest pug, Lexie Madison Wong! She turns one year old today!! 🙂

Look at that cute pug face


This was back when she was still a little baby.
Lexie after a bath at the Doggy Day Spa
She can pick up full-size tennis balls!

Our family is having a party for Lexie next weekend. I know, some of you probably think we’re crazy and weird to have a birthday party for our dog, but that’s okay. We love our pugs. We had a few birthday parties for Jasmine (our first pug) and we celebrated her life at Jasmine’s Sweet 16 party (her last birthday with us). Dogs are like family members. Even though they don’t understand what’s going on (and babies don’t understand what’s going on either when it’s their birthday), any dog owner can’t deny the joy and laughter a dog brings into the home. There are so many stories I could tell about Jasmine–and now Lexie. Our lives were instantly brightened the night Lexie came to our house this past February. I only wish I lived at home so I could spend more time with her (and the rest of my family too). Someday I’ll have my own pug to love too. 🙂



Have you ever celebrated your pet’s birthday? What are some of your favorite memories with your pet?

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