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Growing Baby

I haven’t been posting a lot of pregnancy pictures online, but for those who may be curious as to how Baby Stroud has been growing, he is definitely hitting a growth spurt.

First half of pregnancy

First half of pregnancy


2nd half of pregnancy

I started out taking photos every two weeks (except for the first two). I will note that on week 12, it looks like I have more of a belly, but judging by the photos after that, it wasn’t exactly baby belly showing at that time. 😉 Now that we’re only about two more months until Baby’s birthday, I’m taking pictures every week. I think this is when we’ll see the most growth anyway.

I’m still feeling pretty good. No back pain or other aches yet…unless I’m sitting in the same position for a while. Then I start to get uncomfortable. I’m tired, but I also need to work on getting to sleep earlier (5am alarms are tough). Gerald and I are getting excited to meet baby, but I know I’m also a little anxious! I don’t feel ready for baby yet (in terms of…we don’t really have anything for him!) We did set up the Pack ‘N’ Play in our room and I bought a stroller, which arrived last week. We finally also ordered the crib, which should get here Saturday. Maybe I’ll start to feel better once we start putting things in the nursery. Speaking of Saturday, we have an all-day childbirth preparation class that day so it should be interesting! Hopefully it won’t make me more nervous about labor and delivery. 🙂


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How We Told Our Families We Were Pregnant

We got my pregnancy confirmed at the end of April by the doctor at 6 weeks (I wasn’t as far along as they thought at the time of my appointment), so once a medical doctor confirmed it was really true, we decided to tell our families. It was so hard keeping that a secret before then!

With Mother’s Day coming up in May, I decided we should give our moms an early Mother’s Day gift. As a publicist at Tyndale, I worked on a book called My Grandma and Me by Crystal Bowman, which released last September. When the book came out, I bought some extra copies because I knew whenever we got pregnant, it would be the perfect way to announce our pregnancy.

Me with my mother-in-law

Me with my mother-in-law

So I wrapped the book up in a bag and we told each of our families separately by giving our moms their early Mother’s Day gift. We told my family first and my mom didn’t get the hint right away. She jokingly calls our dog, Chloe, her grandpug so my mom (and even my sister) thought we gave her the book as a joke because of that. Then I said, “You’re going to need this at the end of the year.” Of course then they were all excited. 🙂

We told Gerald’s parents the next day and his mom knew right away what the book meant when she opened it. This is the first grandchild for both of our families so everyone is really excited and I’m pretty sure our child is going to be spoiled.

I hope our moms do use My Grandma and Me with their new grandchild whenever they babysit! It’s a great little devotional book meant for grandmothers to use with their young grandchildren.

So if you’re looking for a cute way to announce your pregnancy to your family, consider picking up a copy of My Grandma and Me and giving it to your mom/MIL. It also just makes a great gift for grandmothers in general.

I’m also looking forward to being able to use my own new devotional with Baby this winter with My Mama and Mewritten by Crystal Bowman and her daughter Teri McKinley. It will be out this September. {For full disclosure, I’m also doing publicity for this book, but I’m also just really excited to get and use all these great kids books! A perk of working for a publisher.}

Let me know if you have any non-Tyndale children’s book suggestions as I start to build my baby library!


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